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Well Designed Life

brain science + design-thinking courses that change behavior.

Become a designer of human behavior to attain your highest level of

  • peak performance
  • mindful practice
  • work-life balance
  • well-being
  • healthy relationships
  • career enjoyment

for yourself or others.

Well Designed Life: Our Courses

self guided course


(Four-module course with 8-week access)

Change any unwanted behaviors using our proven design approach based on the latest in behavior and brain science.

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expert guided course

Professional, Expert-Guided

(Four-week live support with 8-week access)

Get expert live instruction and guidance from Dr. Kyra Bobinet and work through design iterations with designers like you.

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Who are these courses for?

Well Designed Life courses change behavior. So they work for anyone who wants to change or improve behavior—whether personal, professional, or organizational.

It’s simple.

  • Maybe you want to get yourself to do that one thing you know will drastically improve your performance.
  • Maybe you’re responsible for helping people change their behavior.
  • Maybe you want to transform an organization to be more productive and the people within it to be happier.

Basically, if you’re dealing with humans and you’re wanting behavior change, then you’re in the right place—no kidding. We can say this with confidence because all humans have brains and if you design for the brain, you can change the behavior—like the old saying where the head goes, the body follows.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Or look at our design courses FAQ.

Hope to design with you! *smile
—the engagedIN team